fading dreams

see the light in the shadow
 and the darkness in the light
take your unpredicted way
 in the middle of the night

hear the noise of the silence
 that is surrounding you
who is lonely in the naught
 and keep on going through

feel the coldness of the heat
 from a lantern far away
but the closer you are
 the more you feel its sway

smell the inodorous smoke
 of the fire that leads you here
forget the darkness around
 and forget your fear

now you can see the brightness
 and hear the sound
you can feel the warmth
 and smell the ground

but taste the sweet of the life
 as long as the fire is on
because when it goes out
 the lightness is gone

again in the loneliness
 nothing is what it seems
but in the end you know
 life is made of fading dreams