wherever it was
 but long time ago
  maybe a thousand years
   I do not really know

on a very cruel day
 where the wind was blowing strong
  the rain was falling heavy
   and a thunderstorm was going on

there was a nameless soldier
 who died a senseless death
  in any stupid war
   fighting for something meaningless

in the moment he passed
 a woman appeared
  knelt down to him
   and shed some tears

she was beautiful and wild
 with flaming red hair
  and shining eyes
   full of a vengeful flare

she wasn’t anyone he once knew
 but now she mourned his last breath
  the reason for this
   she was his angel of death

it was not the plan for him
 to die here by a knife
  so she saved his soul
   for another life

the times have passed
 over so many years
  and the forgetting since then
   dried all of the tears

now he is alive again
 searching for something to find
  a sense in his life
   but he is too blind

he tries everything
 and helps where he can
  but stays alone in the end
   without any chance to win

he do not know what it is
 his destiny in this world
  he must living for
   because she has not told

but he knows his probable end
 it will be the same again
  as in his previous life
   without any plan

die alone as nobody
 a senseless death
  after a lonely life
   fighting for something meaningless

so he is damned for all times
 to do the same mistakes again
  in all his next life’s
   which she will giving him